High-Paying Job: Building Manager Who Knows HVAC Systems

The HVAC industry is growing rapidly. Technicians are in great demand today because of advancements and constant changes in technology of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. When it comes to installation, repair, and replacement of such units, experts must be called.

And to oversee these employees and contractors, a building manager must be up to the task. Managers will guide the dispatched technicians through direct involvement of their technical expertise to ensure that company goals are met while satisfying the needs of the customers.

To be an expert in HVAC/building management is the same as any other management. Employees should work their way up. To guide technicians, a manager must have ample experience in working hands on with HVAC units. As they progress ranks, communication skills should be developed as speaking with technicians, customers and even suppliers will be a part of their day to day work description.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Service Manager

The following are to be expected from the work done by a service manager in the field of HVAC/building management:

  • Supervise and guide HVAC technicians in performing the functions of equipment installation, repair, operation, start up and other requests of the customers concerning HVAC units. Managers tend to provide not only technical training, but also educational resources so that employees will always be up to date with technology.
  • It is also up to the manager to schedule appointments and to assign technicians and dispatch personnel to a certain appointment.
  • Budget preparation of the company as well as the short term and long term goals for the company and its employees
  • Interview applicants interested to be part of the company
  • Meet with other higher ops to discuss various strategies the company can take to expand more and to grow

How to be an HVAC Service Manager

To start off in this career, a candidate must earn an HVAC technology certificate or degree from a technical course or community college. It may take six months or two years to complete. It is also advisable to go to a school recognized by an accrediting agency. Next is getting experience as an HVAC technician. Go to a reputable company, work hard and eventually be promoted to a manager after years of relevant experience. The number of years required to be a manager varies from company to company. Skills and experience gained are important.